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Producent: Domaine Lafage
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
Druvor: Cabernet-sauvignon, Grenache
Alkoholhalt: 12.5%
Serveringstemperatur: 10-12°C
Flaskstorlek: 0,75L

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  • Beskrivning

    Crunchiness, freshness, delicious little aromas … No doubt, Domaine Lafage is back with a new wine full of colour and flavour!
    The Florine cuvée is a tasty rosé from Domaine Lafage, which pays homage to the multiple varieties of flowers naturally present in the vineyard. With its intense nose composed of fresh red fruits, citrus fruits and floral notes, you will succumb to its superbly balanced ample and fruity mouth. The finish is fresh and crunchy, like wine in general, which will be the perfect ally for your Mediterranean starters.

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